Monday, January 2, 2012

What a waste and people go to bed hungry

Today I was at Sam's Club. 

While I was getting my bag of fresh broccoli, I saw the produce team member  getting ready to dispose of one flatbed and a big cart stacked full of blemished produce.

I saw lemons, lettuce, tons of mushrooms, broccoli, onions, green beans, apples, oranges, carrots, peppers and  much more.

I know that Sam's puts all trash, including all of this good food in a compactor outside. 

It frustrates me knowing all of this food goes to waste.

Yes, I know they do it to protect themselves from a lawsuit if someone gets ill (so they say).

 I also know people go to bed hungry. 

I also know I would be more than willing, in fact happy to pay a discounted price, for blemished produce.  I used to purchase blemished produce at a supermarket by the big box full. What I bought, we used and passed on to others.  This is nutritious food that in no way needed to be tossed. 

During the time I was browsing Sams  produce, this team member was disposing what appeared to be well over two hundred pounds of food.

Some grocery stores do not use compactors, and people rummage through the dumpsters to find food. When I lived in New Jersey, a grocery store there did not compact but did pour bleach on all food that hit the dumpster.  They did this to avoid people scavenging through the toss offs.

This waste makes me sad. 

If we are wealthy enough to just toss out less than perfect food in America, there should be no hunger here either.

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Betsy said...

It really is wasteful. I know that some stores have been known to donate food to shelters just as long as it's still good, but they can't sell it because of expiration dates. They should just let employees take it home...better than the trash.
Thanks so much for your visit and for your nice comments:-)