Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Buy a dog a bone and Dinner is Served, Sorta.

I bought a nice bone for my Dweezil.

Figured I should cook it a bit.
(We all know the horror of consuming undercooked meat-although I don't ever remember seeing a furry creature cooking their road kill before consumption)

Threw that bone in the crock pot this AM with about two pounds of mini carrots (that were just hanging out in the fridge getting older by the day) along with a whole garlic bulb (yeah, I took off the skin- I cut the tip right off the bulb, NUKE it for 35 sexonds, OOPS seconds, and squeeze the cloves out, and mash those suckers  with a fork), three "near the point of no return" red onions (peeled too, a few layers down, as the outer layers had seen better days), a can of Rotel tomatoes, about a cuppa lentils, a bunch of herbs including OREGANO, BASIL, ROSEMARY, a half pound package of "clearance"(past the desired date of purchase) lean beef and
a bit of

Hit START and eight hours later, we had an amazingly delish dinner



the Dweezil dog,

YEPPERS, he LOVED his nicely seasoned bone!!

Such a healthy nearly freegan type meal.

These ingredients sans the ROTEL tomatoes, could have been  made  from a


your favorite Grocery STORE

Oh yeah, plus we had homemade whole wheat bread (naked) with it.


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