Thursday, June 11, 2009


She needed a ride, and I had a car.
I felt blessed sharing time with her. Today she let me see into her world.

She is in her late teens, and has struggled through very difficult times. Her life would be tough for any adult, but for a very very young person, it's heartwrenching.

Like many of us, or perhaps most of us, she came from a disfunctional family. Her father is not really in her life, and is lost in alcoholism. Her mother has both physical and mental illnesses. Her sister barely made it through grade school, and she didn't make it to the 11th grade. Her struggles made my heart ache.

She is young and on her own, not by choice, but tossed out on the street by her mother. She is now in her first apartment and working a full time minimum wage job just to pay the rent. She has very little, besides her apartment. All money goes to live.

Her next goal is to obtain her G.E.D. This won't be easy as she will have to continue to work full time, and has no transportation to G.E.D. classes, and there aren't any on buslines.

She was ill for years, but her mother told her continually that her sickness was in her head. Due to this illness and lack of medical attention, she never graduated.

Even while being ill, she worked to bring home money to her mother. Her mother was never "well enough" to get work, and lived off the system and off of her daughter.

This young woman's youth was not to be enjoyed, but endured.
I let her talk, as I cried inside.

She speaks softly about the life she has had, and where she wants to go. Through her pain, there is still such hope and determination.

At times like this, I truly feel honored, honored that I was placed in her presence. She shared much of her young life.
I believe that God was right there with us, as she spoke, while sitting in my car, outside of her first apartment.
She has an inner glow about her, even though, every so often, a tear falls softly down her cheek. You can see how important it is for her to break the chains of her families dependancies.

She has faith. She has hope. She is bright. She will make it.

Let God's Love Keep Her Safe on Her Journey.


alicia said...

This makes me think of that quote, "The truest defination of youth is life as yet untouched by tragedy."

ADayInTheLife said...

Alicia that is so true. I have never heard that quote. Thank you for commenting and reading :O).