Monday, May 7, 2012

Yay for Her

This has been a very stressful year for a multitude of reasons.
We have had multiple "life events" occur.
At once.
Saturday, we saw the sun.
It was bright and the air was cleansing.
Our daughter graduated college.
God is Good.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Miss My Cat

I really miss her. 

 She was put to sleep a few Wednesday's ago.  She was 20 and we loved her very much.

Her name was Pumpkin.

Pumpkin was from a litter of two.

 Her mother was my brother's cat, and her name was Bones.  Bones was a really skinny cat and my brother had taken her in to be spayed and declawed. 

The day the operations were done, my brother came home and heard meowing. 

He finally found the source. 

Bones was pregnant and not even the vet knew.  She delivered her kittens, most likely, the day she went to be spayed. 

My brother found two little kittens. 

He called the vet and went to pick up Bones. Without even being concerned that she just had surgery, she immediately went to find the kittens and began nursing and taking care of them.

The kittens were born on Halloween.

   We picked the littlest one, and named her Pumpkin.

My Mother got the other one and called her Annie (for Little Orphan Annie).

Bones lived a short life of only 7 years.

Annie lived to the good old age of 14 years old.

Pumpkin, well, she lived until she was 20.

A good many years ago we were told she was in renal failure and would not live long.  She proved that vet wrong. 
She lived a good life and the time had come.  She started to struggle.  I  loved her too much to allow that to continue.

I miss you Pumpkin, I really do.
I miss how you curled up and snuggled with me when I sat down.
I miss how you put your paw on my face, just to have contact with me when you slept.
I miss how demanding you were when you wanted something, and miss how annoying you could be to make sure you got your demands full- filled.
I miss feeling the comfort of your purr, but
I know you are in a better place.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Vintage Gitterty Costume Jewelry-please (begging) go check out my new blog

Nothing like self promotion. this is my passion. vintage costume jewelry. I just make a magnificent score from craigslist. I met an amwsome man, Trevor, who had some old things he wanted to rehome. Hubby and I are going through them now. I am thrilled. such a wonderful group of fun vintage stuff. funny, its true. one mans junk is another man's treasure. thank you TREVOR!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Buy a dog a bone and Dinner is Served, Sorta.

I bought a nice bone for my Dweezil.

Figured I should cook it a bit.
(We all know the horror of consuming undercooked meat-although I don't ever remember seeing a furry creature cooking their road kill before consumption)

Threw that bone in the crock pot this AM with about two pounds of mini carrots (that were just hanging out in the fridge getting older by the day) along with a whole garlic bulb (yeah, I took off the skin- I cut the tip right off the bulb, NUKE it for 35 sexonds, OOPS seconds, and squeeze the cloves out, and mash those suckers  with a fork), three "near the point of no return" red onions (peeled too, a few layers down, as the outer layers had seen better days), a can of Rotel tomatoes, about a cuppa lentils, a bunch of herbs including OREGANO, BASIL, ROSEMARY, a half pound package of "clearance"(past the desired date of purchase) lean beef and
a bit of

Hit START and eight hours later, we had an amazingly delish dinner



the Dweezil dog,

YEPPERS, he LOVED his nicely seasoned bone!!

Such a healthy nearly freegan type meal.

These ingredients sans the ROTEL tomatoes, could have been  made  from a


your favorite Grocery STORE

Oh yeah, plus we had homemade whole wheat bread (naked) with it.


Monday, January 2, 2012

What a waste and people go to bed hungry

Today I was at Sam's Club. 

While I was getting my bag of fresh broccoli, I saw the produce team member  getting ready to dispose of one flatbed and a big cart stacked full of blemished produce.

I saw lemons, lettuce, tons of mushrooms, broccoli, onions, green beans, apples, oranges, carrots, peppers and  much more.

I know that Sam's puts all trash, including all of this good food in a compactor outside. 

It frustrates me knowing all of this food goes to waste.

Yes, I know they do it to protect themselves from a lawsuit if someone gets ill (so they say).

 I also know people go to bed hungry. 

I also know I would be more than willing, in fact happy to pay a discounted price, for blemished produce.  I used to purchase blemished produce at a supermarket by the big box full. What I bought, we used and passed on to others.  This is nutritious food that in no way needed to be tossed. 

During the time I was browsing Sams  produce, this team member was disposing what appeared to be well over two hundred pounds of food.

Some grocery stores do not use compactors, and people rummage through the dumpsters to find food. When I lived in New Jersey, a grocery store there did not compact but did pour bleach on all food that hit the dumpster.  They did this to avoid people scavenging through the toss offs.

This waste makes me sad. 

If we are wealthy enough to just toss out less than perfect food in America, there should be no hunger here either.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I ate sugar and..............

Accountability is important for me.

It is very important to my weight loss.  It took me a long time to be accountable for my actions.  I am not going to get into all of that but.............

I had really hoped and believed that I could continue on my weight loss road map, drilling right through the holidays without indulging in garbage food and drink.

I did not do it.

I ate garbage which included lots of white flour, sugar, a CAKE BOSS CAFE cupcake, a NYC cannolli, greasy pepperoni, loads of fat filled cheese cubes, dozens of cookies, too many craft beers, a bottle of cotton candy vodka, lasagna, garlic bread, and only God can remember the rest.

I feel like crap.
I am tired.
I am not happy with my actions or lack thereof.

Nothing I can do now but STOP it.

On the good side of this time period, I kept up my exercise regime.  I knew I over-indulged but did manage to continue to work out as I am scheduled right through the holiday period. 

I am glad I  kept on my exercise route as I am  sure I would have put on my average "10 pounds" during the month had I not.

 I am happy that last March 12th, I decided to get serious about what I put in my mouth and decided to get active.

I lost just shy of 50 pounds since that date.

 I found about 7 of those pounds this month. 

If I had not started a weight loss journey in March,  I would have been at least 60 pounds heavier today. 

 Rick is making our traditional New Years Day sauerkraut and pork. I am eating it.  I am going to enjoy it. 

Today, I am done with all the goodie crap laying around..

Tomorrow I am going to be back to clean Eating. 

Back on the horse again!


Photo below was taken about the time I began:

Taken last week:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why I am your "Follower"

I like that I often fall upon a blog post or  a message board that interests me.
I blog for me. Sometimes I ramble with no direction , but it is something that I am trying to work out in myself. It has no value to anyone, but me.

I have come across people whose blogs have touched a heartstring. I have came across blogs from people that I believe I was led to to either uplift, or to be uplifted by. I have seen mean blog posts by people. I have seen delieriously "up" people" posts, "debbie downer"posts and every kind of blog post in between.

These are brief glimpses into other's lives that could be an indicator of who they actually are, or, they may be only a message of how they feel today; at the moment. It may also be a glimpse into what they wish to be.

When I do fall upon someone who touches me, or interests me, I "follow" their blog. The reason being I like to see what is going on in their world.

I don't feel obligated to visit each  page to leave comments routinely. I would not expect others to feel that way either.

I like that we have the opportunity to cyber mingle with many. If I am a "follower" of your blog, it because I was drawn in by you.

It may have been your humor, your faith, your distress, your achievements, your pictures or any multitude of things.

I am a people-liker.

I am also a fan of Fred Rogers. He is one person that I had always wished to meet, but never did (except in the neighborhood)

I still feel he was my friend, in a cyberlike sorta kinda way. I would have wanted to be his neighbor.

Mr. Rogers helped me as a child during difficult times. I went vicariously with him on field trips learning more about life.

What I am trying to say is:

Its a beautiful day in my neighborhood......................

I am glad I have met you in this neighborhood. I am glad you are my neighbor.

I don't expect much.

I do want you to let me know if there is something that I can help you with.
I wont make contact with you frequently, but that does not mean I do not care.

I hope you stay. I just like knowing you .

P.S. Don't worry about spending too much time with me. I believe in quality time over quantity.