Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Miss My Cat

I really miss her. 

 She was put to sleep a few Wednesday's ago.  She was 20 and we loved her very much.

Her name was Pumpkin.

Pumpkin was from a litter of two.

 Her mother was my brother's cat, and her name was Bones.  Bones was a really skinny cat and my brother had taken her in to be spayed and declawed. 

The day the operations were done, my brother came home and heard meowing. 

He finally found the source. 

Bones was pregnant and not even the vet knew.  She delivered her kittens, most likely, the day she went to be spayed. 

My brother found two little kittens. 

He called the vet and went to pick up Bones. Without even being concerned that she just had surgery, she immediately went to find the kittens and began nursing and taking care of them.

The kittens were born on Halloween.

   We picked the littlest one, and named her Pumpkin.

My Mother got the other one and called her Annie (for Little Orphan Annie).

Bones lived a short life of only 7 years.

Annie lived to the good old age of 14 years old.

Pumpkin, well, she lived until she was 20.

A good many years ago we were told she was in renal failure and would not live long.  She proved that vet wrong. 
She lived a good life and the time had come.  She started to struggle.  I  loved her too much to allow that to continue.

I miss you Pumpkin, I really do.
I miss how you curled up and snuggled with me when I sat down.
I miss how you put your paw on my face, just to have contact with me when you slept.
I miss how demanding you were when you wanted something, and miss how annoying you could be to make sure you got your demands full- filled.
I miss feeling the comfort of your purr, but
I know you are in a better place.


Vix said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Pumpkin, what a beautiful girl she was. Loosing a beloved pet is so hard, I still get upset when I think of some of my cats I've had to say goodbye to. Twenty years is a very good life and she couldn't have been better loved. x

Vix said...
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otin said...

Only a pet lover can truly know how you feel. They really are a family member.

It was nice seeing you over at my place. I don't blog much these days.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I am so sorry for you loss. Pumpkin has left paw prints on your heart for sure...they have a way of doing that. I had a ginger cat that passed away many years ago when he was 13....he was the best.