Monday, April 25, 2016

Lisa e By Design. so long time...........

Whats been going on in our lives.
  1. Work, work, work, and more work. 
  2. Both of us are power sellers on EBAY, as a side gig.
  3. My Lil' girl is now a mom; I am Grammie!
  4. I have much more gray hair but it is dyed a funky dark maroonish color and I only notice it when I forget to get my hair dyed.
  5. We are busy running here n there. 
  6. Our Dog Dweezil Claymont Eichenlaub has more friends on his facebook page than us
  7. I just started a lil' jewelry creating business.
  8. I fell off the fitness wagon and am fatter than ever.  I really think its time to get back on the freakin wagon.
that wraps it up.


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