Monday, May 25, 2009

My Little Girl

My little girl is Shannon. She actually isn't a little girl anymore, but, I remember her as a baby so clearly, in my mind's eye. She was a beautiful baby. She was a happy little girl who loved to please anyone who crossed her path. She was, and is, the center of my world.

She is grown now, into this amazing young woman. I see hope and direction in her life. I see that she has valid reasoning, and strong values. I am so grateful that she has blossomed into the person she is since, often, her journey has been full of obstacles that have not been easy to overcome.

I am so proud of her, and the path she has chosen. Her path may not be conventional in everyone's eyes, but it is perfect for hers. My daughter's determination and endurance is amazing. She trudges along towards goals that she sees above her , but every day are closer, and she knows most definitely that she will attain.

Shannon has found the man who will be her husband. They were engaged on a trip last year. They are now planning their wedding.

Shannon and her Jeffrey booked their wedding venue yesterday. Her Step-father, myself, Jeff and Shannon, and Jeff's parents all went to see where they are planning on making their vow of love to each other. It was a beautiful day to share in this part of the wedding planning experience.

They will be wed on a farm, outside, hopefully on a day with weather like yesterday. They have chose to not be wed conventionally in a church building. They will be married by a pastor or priest.

I was hoping for a church wedding, but after I thought about their decision, I realized that a church is not a building, but people together in the presence of God. I know God will be there smiling on my children as they commit their love to each other.

Raising Shannon has been the most amazing blessing. It is a very tender time for me as her Mother, knowing she will now become one with Jeffrey. Jeffrey is a good man, who adores my daughter. I am thankful she has found someone who cherishes her.

Am I turning into a sap?


Jen said...

You are such a great writer! I'm very excited for Jeff and Shannon :D

L said...

I attended a wedding last year at Lindgrow Farm and it was Absolutely Stunning. I'm so happy for your Shannon and her hubby-to-be. It will be a beautiful ceremony, most certainly. And yes--despite it not being a church, God will be there. It's so difficult to be at Lindgrow Farm and NOT feel God's presence there. It's like a little slice of heaven on earth.

with love from Pittsburgh...

ADayInTheLife said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am blessed to have my daughter and my soon to be son in law. Lindgrow Farm is a very nice location. My daughter fell in love with it instantly.