Saturday, November 5, 2011


I know our fur babies help us to be better humans.

 We got Dweezil at the Pittsburgh Animal Friends, a no kill shelter that I absolutely admire.

We knew they rescued this group of puppies from under a step in the city. The owner of the building pepper sprayed them and called animal control. When animal control arrived he found a nursing stray *(not the mom) and another adult female dog laying on the puppies to keep them warm. It was fridgid weather. Alll were taken to Animal Friends. The puppies were six weeks and went to foster homes.

Hubby and I were first in line to get into Animal Friends that Saturday.

I picked one puppy to see, and went to get a cousellor.

When I got to the kennel, hubby said, "he's the one" (not the one I picked). Dweezil was sitting still at the corner of the kennel by hubby while the others were being puppy like all over the kennel.

Anyhow, we took Dweezil to the "get acquainted room" and Rick said something like "c'mere you dufus" and out of absolutely no where, I said No he is Dweezil!!! It stuck. I have no idea why that name came to my head.

But after naming him we of course knew that Frank Zappa's kid was named Dweezil but I researched the word. Dweezil means :

1) An imaginary animal, probably resembling a weasel, but more cartoon like. They are said to be mischievous and charming creatures, which allows them to commit atrocities without repercussions.

Well, Dweezil is the most appropriate name. This puppy got into so much mischief and got away with it with his cuteness. Seriously, I could have hired him as my personal organizer as he quickly 'decluttered" our home by destroying about everything. I am not kidding and how he lived through all of this without us flipping out, I will never know. Truely, he is a DWEEZIL!!!

Dweezil will be one year old on Thanksgiving.  How appropriate.  He is such a blessing
Happy Saturday :)


Paula said...

Very sweet. Dweezil Doodle is soooo lucky to have you!!

deebella said...

I'm so lucky to have them all for my bestest neighbors ever <3