Friday, August 12, 2011

frumpy frump

Ever since my husband lost his job when his former company was acquired by another company earlier this year, I have lived with a big yucky cloud over my house.  There are multitudes of things that are much worse than this life event, but my husband wants to work again and to him, that means now, not later.  He is actively seeking, but can't settle himself until he lands another position.
 I do not like that he won't be happy "until".
Our lives go on whether he has a position or not. Time passes, flowers grow, they die, and the reseed.  The sun rises and it sets. 
I am sad he is sad.
I know he has a wealth of knowledge that would enhance a company looking for his skills.
I believe that company is out there, looking for someone like him.
I want him to chose to be happy until the two meet.

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