Friday, January 1, 2010

What a way to undecorate

Hubby and I just put our tree, landing garland, ornaments, rocking santa, merrry christmas teddy and huge tree skirt away (and the  extension cord).
It took 5 minutes (at most).

  • open 38" x 60" 22 mil black liner bag
  • pull prelit tree up out of stand
  • take tree skirt off pole and fold neatly
  • slide prelit 4' tree with ornaments (including foil star from previous post) and topper into bag, bottom first
  • tug prelit landing garlands off landling, semi fold and place into same bag
  • grab rocking santa and toss him in too
  • place neatly folded tree skirt into gapping space in big liner
  • insert Merry Christmas Stuffed bear into liner
  • top off liner with extension cord
  •  tie liner at top to enclose treasures
  • open attic door and release steps
  • me-up steps
  • hubby-shove bag up to me
  • me-down steps
  • hubby-close put steps up and close attic door
  • hubby-go back to remote control
  • me-write a post about experience
Instructions to decorate:
  • Follow above list in reverse, sorta :)


Brian Miller said...

lol. nice and easy...why is mine not that easy?

Lisa E said...

Brian,"just do it" ")

Steven Anthony said...

lmao...that must be a world record;)

Lisa E said...

STeven, perfect huh

Lisa (aka LadyWanderlust) said...

that's like the shake and bake of Christmas un-decorating. Simple and satisfying. :) Kudos to you.


Margaret said...

That is a great way to do it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Margaret said...

ps added your button to my blog!

rxBambi said...

I am sooo dreading putting the decorations away. I have everyone scheduled to help on sunday (so I'm sure I'll be doing it alone...). Actually we didn't even put a lot out this year since I was going to be in Nevada for the "big day". Oh well, it'll get done eventually...

Hey, have you checked out mean_owen yet? Go see him...

otin said...

You really made that sound easy!!
It is never THAT easy! lol!

Lisa E said...

I am telling ya Otin, that is exactly what we did. Lickety split!
Bambi, I am now a follower over at the new blog. Ty for sharing.
I wish I could get a medal for fastest undecorator Steven.

Thank you so much Margaret, cheers.

adrienzgirl said...

I am too lazy. Still haven't done it. Maybe tomorrow.

Barb said...

I wish more people left Christmas decorations up until Jan 6 (Epiphany). I always feel like a slacker when I do! I guess I'll dedecorate tomorrow while the kids are at school. It's easier than trying to get them to help anyway. But I'm sure I won't be as fast as you!!

Lisa E said...

I still have up my leglamp (this is late for it to be up Barb) and my snowman collection. I put away the bulk but have traces up and will for quite awhile.