Monday, January 4, 2010

My Favorite Guy at Work Left Today

I would hope that everyone has a friend at work that makes the days go just a little bit better.
Mine left today, for another position, with another company. 
I knew for quite sometime this may be a possibility, but I kept pushing thoughts of him resigning out of my head. 
Ron is a blessing to anyone who crosses his path. He has a strong faith and a constant drive to do the "right thing". 
He is a family man and active in his community. 
He is dedicated to whatever task comes his way. 
Ron has unselfishly helped many on their path to becoming business oriented and successful.
I am sad that he is moving on, but happy this is a new stepping stone in his journey.
Those who he works with next will be enriched by just being in his presence. 
I will miss him making me laugh, and helping me to refocus, when it is least expected, not deserved, but very much appreciated.
Congrats Ron, do the "Carlton" dance all the way!!


adrienzgirl said...

Awww...*sad panda*

Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...

It is always sad when special people cross our path, only to leave when we least expect it.

Anonymous said...

Be glad you danced the dance. Smile because it happened and you were enriched by it.
Keep your friendship alive by keeping touch.
Just think he is going to miss your friendship also -

Barb said...

This is a wonderful tribute to your friend, and a great post. It made me think immediately of a former co-worker. One that I'm going to email as soon as I am done with this comment!

Brian Miller said...

a great tribute to a friend...we all need those kind of people to make work bearable sometimes.

Steven Anthony said...

what a wonderful tribute to a friend....what a blessing he sounds like in your life...Im sorry for you he has to go;(


Lisa E said...

Thank you for the nice comments. He may not work with me, but we won't lose touch. It just won't be the same at the grind though. He cracked me up to almost peeing myself many times. I have a video of him on youtube dancing. Omg too funny.

Jen said...

I cannot believe Ron left! The things I miss when I am at home sick! I didn't even get to say goodbye :( He always made my day! I loved talking to him on the phone, and I loved seeing him whenever he'd stop down. He was such a great guy!