Saturday, December 5, 2009

I spend my life looking for lost you?

Well, I fell asleep last night before Hubby told me that Verizon had said our wireless router was bad, and that is why we have had minimal, if any internet connectivity in the past few days.
Last night he was on the phone with customer service for a long time freaking plugging and unplugging every damn cord that hooks up to any of our computers as he was instructed to do. Of course Verizon was sure it was our computers' issue. Anyhow, finally, the decision was made that the router was bad and they were sending out a new one.

Great that they are sending out a new router, but I have Ebay auctions going on, and ending, that I need to monitor, and being off line has drove me nuts.

I have NO
I am

I knew we had a "new in the box" Verizon router in the house (somewhere), and I went on a six hour hunt to find it. I purged bags of clothes, junk, holiday decorations and other crap while on my hunt. Hubby took two suv loads of stuff down to the local thrift store.

One crazy woman’s trash
Is another
Crazy woman’s Treasure
Donate to  your local thrift store

I literally ripped every room apart, tossed what I did not use anymore, and still could not find that freakin router. I know where I thought I had last seen it, but alas, it was absolutely no where to be found. After I tore apart the attic looking for the stupid ass thing, and still came up empty handed, Hubby went to BEST BUY to get a new one.

We quickly hooked up the new router, and it would not connect so we had to call Verizon again. I was first reprimanded for going out and buying a router as they TOLD US that they would have one to us within 2 days. Soooooooooooo Sorry Verizon, I need my internet.
The customer service person worked with me for 90 minutes only to say that the new router was not good enough to work with VERIZON. Ok, uhmm this thing was top of the line at BEST BUY, and again, it is not VERIZON's fault.

The exasperated technician said I would just have to wait for the delivery of their router next week. With that comment, I was mad and slammed aside a disk holder on the computer desk, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but, THE new boxed WESTELL VERIZON router. The flipping router I was looking for ALL day was appropriately nestled neatly in the computer desk.

I quietly gasped, & Hubby saw what I saw. I told the Tech I just happened to find ANOTHER router and would he kindly help us set it up. Three hours after I made the call, WE are up and running again.
I can't believe I spent the whole day looking for something that was were it should have been in the first place.

I drive myself nuts and spend half my waking hours always looking for something. Usually it is keys or the remote control.

I also am alarmed that I could get so much purging and decluttering done when I have no internet (thus off the freaking computer )

A clean house is probably a
house with a broken computer
Although I spent my whole day ripping apart, I got so so so much done. Tomorrow I am going to finish up and complete my holiday decorating.

I am exausted!


rxBambi said...

wow! what a day! Glad you got it figured out, and just think of all the calories you burned while tearing apart your attic. I always find what I'm looking for after I stop looking for it.
congrats on getting your internet back!

Steven Anthony said...

funny how a tragidy(and believe me I know how awful it is to be without internet...argggg) can end up being a blessing , u got tons done, rock on ....rock on

Margaret said...

I am glad you are up and running again. I couldn't imagine not having the internet.

adrienzgirl said...

I would stab someone's eye out with a fork if my internet was broken for very long!

otin said...

You could not bypass the router and just plug right into your modem?

I hate technology lol!

I hate having to tear the house apart looking for anything.

Lisa E said...

Yeah, I asked hubby,did they not just try to see if the desktop worked directly. He said they never did that. I am like OHHHHH, okay. One hour and some change for him to be VERIZON's robot toy on our end, ripping this cord and that and reseting and switching this. Errrrr, ick.

Dad.. said...

UGH! It used to be that you'd lose electricity, and would be SO bored you wanted to die. Now I go insane if my internet connection goes down!

Nice blog you've got here, so glad to have made your acquaintance!!

April Mitchell said...

Why can't some people understand that there are those of us that need the is not a's a need. Glad you got it fixed up!