Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Hour Friday Find something to be GRATEFUL for!!


Here it is Friday again and YAY, we made it another week. 

Last night was an evening full of laughs and good times.

I wanted to go out last night, as I took off today (its an extended weekend for me), and it was a hockey night, so there was a compromise actually.  

I bought a bazillion RESTAURANT.COM coupons from ADP for $2 for $25 gift certificates and I wanted to go to a local Italian joint. 

He audibly moaned when I asked him and I immediately knew that the Pittsburgh Penguins must be on.

Being the Luv that he is, he suggested our "cheers" instead.

 We absolutely had to go somewhere that had BIG SCREENS.  We enjoyed the company and the food was great.

I am Thankful for my compromising Hubby!

We have a new Verizon bundle that I am not used to.  Mainly, I forget that it uses a Voicemail system and not my machine. I rarely remember to listen to landline messages as I have to call in.

I was anticipating a call the other day, so after work I remembered I HAVE to CALL in for messages.  There was a message from our banks fraud division and it was not a soliciting call. The call had come in BEFORE Thanksgiving.  

Unknown to us, our card had be evilly copied at a local ATM and used illegally TWICE in NYC for a couple K's.  Funny thing is that this card is ONLY used at ATMS and NEVER for purchases. It is ONLY used to withdraw cash.

Hubby thought long and hard and remembered a single incidence that was weird, with a vehicle and odd activity. Lo and behold after talking to the fraud division, that is the ATM we got scammed at.

Long story short, all is well.  In ten days he will get a replacement card, all activity on the old account was stopped immediately after the bizarre activity, and the money (all of it) is being put back in our account.

I am very thankful our bank realized this was not our typical activity, thankful they contacted us (although we had no clue), thankful the money is being put back without a lot of red tape.

I want to let you all know to NEVER use an ATM that has a brochure holder attached to it (a camera can hide in it). If you see something in the parking lot or near an ATM that doesn't set well with you as being normal, do not use that ATM and report it. Never use an ATM that appears to have a protective coating on the keypad.  (this could be a micro computer getting your PIN)

Work like you don’t need the Money
Love like you have never been Hurt
Dance like nobody’s Watching

I am thankful that I am feeling less ornery.
I have been very very ornery time since about a week prior to my 50th birthday.  This has been a little over a month, and it was induced (I allowed it to bring me down) by a series of events that were one after another, and each alone, being like a sucker punch to my gut. Slowly I am pulling myself up again and reminding myself daily that "it is what it is".   or  "they are what they are", and whether I chose to be hurt or pissed off is not going to change what "it is", and it is my choice to chose to be pissed or hurt. 

I am thankful that I am in a warm home, with a guy who loves my messed up self. 

I am thankful the tree is up and it does look festively dorky.  

I am thankful the leg lamp is once again boldly lit in the bay window facing our street.  ( I'll try to get a pic of this tonight)

Anyhow, I am happy it is Friday!!


smiles4u said...

I am happy that you got out for a good time and some laughs last night. Laughter is sure good for our souls isn't it?

Thank you for sharing this information about the atm's. I am too trusting and not very observant when I use mine but from now on will be more careful.

I'm happy that you have yourself a great guy that loves you. I too am happy that it is Friday!!! Happy Friday! Lori

Steven Anthony said...

I am thankful for this post you posted and how it reminded me to be thankful for all the little thingsd in our lives.....thank u friend;)

otin said...

A night out at Cheers is always a good thing!

I hate having to trust banks and automation, but it is the way of the world, I guess.

Happy Friday, dear!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

It's so nice to have a compromising hubby - definitely makes one happy! ;)

That's great that your bank was on top of things and there's not a lot of red tape to get your stolen money back. Good advice on the ATM usage...

Your happy/thankful list is great!!

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the leg lamp - you really have one of those? Coooool! :)

Enjoy your weekend! :)

rxBambi said...

I'm happy you got out with hubby, and I'm super happy you played HHF with us!
Sorry sometimes you don't feel like yourself, hopefully you'll pull out of your funk.

adrienzgirl said...

My hubby totally compromises with me too! Scary stuff about your ATM card! Glad you didn't have to go kill someone at the bank!!

sheila said...

I love those gift card deals but I always find them too late and they're sold out. *drat!* lol

Someone got a hold of a ccard that never leaves the house and rang up a couple hundred dollars on it. Bastards. I'd like to know how they do that.

Lisa E said...

I do love this happy hour friday. it is uplifting to sit, still and think of good things in your life. I am thankful I found Bambi and Otins HHF. I am thankful you all took the time to read and comment. Happy weekend.