Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Deciding what day I'd rather be off work is not really challenging. I know that I  am  predictable in how I use my paid time off.
I tend to stack a vacation day with a three day weekend to get four glorious days off.
I want just one more day off .
Somehow it feels so indulgent.
If I am not stacking a three day weekend, I adore taking off Mondays.
Mondays are such a great day to stay home.
I know that when your weekend is up, I still have one more day to do whatever the heck I feel like doing.
Someone beat me to taking off Monday (fair and square).
This Monday, I'll be there while they are doing whatever the heck  they feel like doing.
I hope they enjoy their day away from the madness.
Oh well, I think I'll take off Friday.

I have a house to clean, and organizing to do.
We are celebrating Christmas at our home early as our kids will all be somewhere else on the 25th.
I hope to truly be productive and get a lot done.
I doubt I will bake though, unless it is slice and bake Pillsbury :O). Thanks DEE!!!
It is truly ridiculous that I take time off work to clean my house. Something is very wrong with this. 
When Hubby takes off, he goes fishing, or off to visit a relative, or anything that does not involve work (or housework).
That is the way it should be.
I take off work to catch up on my work at home................hmmm, I am here thinking about this and it is nuts.  I could stay at work and earn money, and just pay someone to clean and organize our home.

Seriously, I want to wear a tiara and be a princess.

No doubt about it. 

Excuse me, I have to go do the dishes.


otin said...

I think that there should be a national law that says that we could not work until 10 am on Monday! Sunday would feel so much better.

Lisa E said...

Exactly. I would so much enjoy Sundays if I weren't already dreading Monday.

adrienzgirl said...

I am a freaking princess! I said that earlier today as a matter of fact!

I need a tiara though.

Oh Santa....

Steven Anthony said...


smiles4u said...

I like Otin's idea of not working until 10 am on Monday's. That would be so stinkin nice! :) I feel like I can never catch up either. It seems like I am constantly trying to figure when I can get some cleaning or laundry done. Can I please come be a princess with you? Please!?

Lisa E said...

Yeah, I am a princess in my own delusion too~ All are welcome to join me in princessland.

Jen said...

I third this 10am law! Can we impose a 2pm ending time to our work day while we're at it?

Lisa E said...


The Good Cook said...

i think there should be a law that states any woman who works outside of the home MUST have a cleaning service to clean their home. I mean really - how much work must one person do?

Lisa E said...

yanno what is really sick about this scenario, I work administration for a commercial cleaning company. Argh!