Sunday, December 6, 2009

Restaurant dot COM Italian Feast Tonight Yummy

Hello Again!
Wow what a dinner we had at Roma Italian Restaurant in Lower Burrell PA.  

This is a small little hole in the wall that we have drove by numberous times and never noticed.  The dining area is small and extra simple. 
This is our second visit to this place, in as many weeks, thanks to
 Last week we got appetizers and a Roma Special Pizza.  This pizza was HUGE but.............the ROMA special has anchovies (big YUCK) and we didn't know it.  The cat and the dog were happy with the white box that came home with us, but ICK ICK ICK on the anchovies. The fried zucchini, though, was the best we have ever ate.

Tonight we had dinners and appetizers.  Hubby had chicken parmesan and I had eggplant parmesan.  Unbelievably good!  This was perhaps the best italian food we have ever ate, and to think we never heard of the place.  

The Roma Italian Restaurant requires a $35 minimum to use the coupon, thus that is why we order piggie amounts of food.  We got cheesey bread w/sauce, fried zucchini, entrees with side and salad, and drinks (hot tea and coke) for $45- the $25 coupon, we spent $20, and this was including the 18% gratuity that they put on before they deduct the coupon.(we took home enough food for 3 lunches)

I have been receiving offers from ADP to get $25 gift certificates for $2, and I have been snapping them up to places nearby that we are not familiar with. 
The coupons do come with certain stipulations, and each establishment has their own.  They do require minimums (which vary place to place), some don't include alcohol, and some are dining only with no take outs. 
The coupons don't expire for a year and we have a ton to use.  It is a nice economical way to go out and try different places.  We take the kids when we are near their place, and eat like piggies just to get them minimum dollar amount to use the $25.  
I just wanted to share RESTAURANT.COM with you incase you are not familiar, or wary of their generous offers.
I get ridiculous offers through ADP, our payroll provider. 
Anyhow, check out the website, you may be surprised to see what restaurants in your area participate in this restaurant marketing adventure.
Lisa E. 


Steven Anthony said...

You have made me incredibally hungry:) thanx for the .com info

adrienzgirl said...

Sounds fabulous. There is a Sicilian place here in FL we go to. The service is really slow, but we know that, it's a small family run business. The cook is straight off the boat from Italy and speaks very little English. BUT, damn if the food isn't worth waiting for!

SupahMommy said...

HEY! Thank you for your Jaden support! I am stopping by for a hello ! THE UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!! I have not checked further ( knee deep in jaden auction) but DO YOU MAKE THOSE OR JUST ACQUIRE! I'm having an official ugly christmas sweater contest at my house this year!!
sooo funnny


Lisa E said...

I "aquire" them and also altered a few (santa hat ta ta's). I was pleased to take part in this auction. I live very close to pittsburgh mills mall so we are close.

GrammieMommy said...

Hi Lisa..good to meet your website :) Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. I'll follow too. Love your festive site and that Ugly Christmas sweater gave me my first morning laught. Happy holidays to you too!!

otin said...

What part of pa is that? I used to live in Eastern Pa.for a few years.

Lisa E said...

We are about 10 miles north of Pittsburgh. BTW, I used to live in NJ