Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Following Otin's Random Tuesday Thoughts

Just cuz I am too lazy to make post it sticky notes today, I am following Otin's Random Tuesday Thoughts Post. http://wizardofotin.blogspot.com/2009/12/random-tuesday-thoughts-out-of-tune.html

I am still pondering how I am going to accomplish what I want for this coming year.

I really need to make time for me, and get my fat ass on my recumbent bike at least 20 minutes every day.  Really 20 minutes is a very low end goal. I could say that I will recumbent bike every day for 30 minutes, but I may fall short and become disheartened, so I aim low.  If I aim low, I hope to not disappoint myself.

I still have not found any style of dress that I like for my kid's wedding. Even if I were a size that I am happy with, I still have not found the "ahhhhhhhhh" dress style. I am hoping that the early spring formal dress offerings make me dizzy with styles that I just adore.

Work is work. I guess that is why they call it as such. Perhaps if it wasn't work it would be....well, not work.

I don't have any really meaningful random thoughts right now so I am going to call it a night.
Sweet dreams.


Steven Anthony said...

I dont really do resolutions and such, but If I did I would have to get up on that bike right along with ya...who knew gravity could be so unkind to a mans body...lol

otin said...

I need to exercise more. I just started back on the treadmill recently.

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adrienzgirl said...

I hope the spring dress line is kind to you!!

And you know SMART goals are realistic. So if 20 minutes is realistic, that is better than a 30 minute goal that isn't gonna happen! Right?

Gillian said...

I also need to get back to gym now.

Brian Miller said...

yep. i need to join the exercise train as well...hope you have a great new year!