Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009 in pictures

I Just wanted to drop by and photo journal this Christmas. 
Our kids were all other places on the actual 25th but we do have pictures of while two of our kids were able to celebrate with us.

We had our 1st Christmas last week with 2 of our adult kids.  One of our adult kids lives in London and did not have the opportunity to come across the pond.
Below is hubby and son Joel. He was here last week for a few days. He lives about 3 hours east of us. It was a good visit.

We had a full Christmas dinner for them and daughter's beau last weekend. Of Course, Hubby was the Chef. He kicks it in the kitchen!

This is our daughter and her beau . They stopped at our house before they left yesterday to celebrate in D.C. with his family. I had to snap a picture of them cuz they are so freakin cute together. 

We spent Christmas at my sis and brother in law's farm with them, their kiddos and their dog Guiness (black cocker spaniel) and cat Florida (black kitty), my Mother and her dog Mikey (a girl border collie) and my brother and sis in law.

Hubby is having a debate with my Mother. They both enjoy each other (I think they were married in previous life)

Our niece just began piano about six weeks ago. She is really doing well. Hubby loves music and also thinks niece needs to continue with her voice training as she has a very strong good voice for someone six years old. They had a sing a long that was so sweet and entertaining.
Sis in law was busy making jewelry with our niece.  Dear niece can't let anyone sit and chill when they are visiting.  Busy Busy!

Brother in law has more fun than the designated gift recipient.  Infact, his son said "dad is your favorite gift that german tank"? (it was bought for his son)

Nephew has been bugging his Uncle (hubby) for this antique dirt grader tonka toy.  Hubby gave it to him today, and they were both happy! Sis and brother in law watch.

This is what it is all about

And pure love!

Family time.........I hope your day was beautiful.


Steven Anthony said...

family, friends, food and love,, sounds like you had a very blessed holiday my friend.

Peace to you and yours;)

otin said...

Your day looked wonderful! 3 hours east of you? that would put him close to my old residence of stroudsburg pa! (well, maybe not that far!) Merry Christmas for another 32 minutes!

smiles4u said...

What perfect great Christmas season for you...nothing like family and friends, sharing in lots of good food and all that love. Perfect. Merry Christmas late to you and yours!

Lisa (aka LadyWanderlust) said...

It's not the day, it's the time of year filled with love, laughter, and the dreams of loved ones as we come together to honor the birth of Baby Jesus.

It sounds like you had a magical Christmas and I am glad.

Here's to a great 2010, Lisa

Brian Miller said...

nice...looks like you had a great christmas filled with lots of those that you love...

Julie said...

I love the spring hats! Those are great!!!

Lisa E said...

Hey Steven. it was. it looks like yours was too :)
Otin. He is from mechanicsburg. is that close?
Smiles, yes it was lovely. Hope yours was great.
Lisa. Happy 2010 to you also :)
Brian. yeppers, it was fabulous
Julie. Great huh!!!! Plus the kids look great.

Thank you all for your comments. I do truly appreciate you taking the time to stop and give me feedback. You are all the best!
Lisa E

adrienzgirl said...

Looks as though everyone had a lovely blessed Christmas!