Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thrift Shop Photography

I thought I would do something different yesterday at the thrift shop. Usually I scour the racks and shelves for a worthy to drag home treasure.  Yesterday, I searched high and low for the most ridiculous items they had to offer and thought I would photograph them for your viewing pleasure and comments.  I do realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but..?????

Even the doll on the shelf was horrified.  Does anyone really want to put out hard cash for this stuff?

Nothing like obtaining all your holiday decorations in a "one stop shop".
These cuties really warm the cockles of your heart don't they??

I just adore this classic clown playing his violin.  Soothing isn't he?  You can see the emotion in his eyes as he performs.  How perfect would this be on-top of your baby-grand?

Don't these donators remember how much hard earned cash they shoved in arcade claw-machines and at carnival to take home these trophy's. 
Often I feel like buying them at the thrift and standing outside of an arcade and pawning them off to parents for $30 bucks a pop.
It could be quite the bargain for anyone that has a sobbing kid begging for another dollah to win a prize that they will cherish forever (till they take it to the car).

Words can not do these pieces justice.  Such detail, done in the finest of materials.
 How could anyone ever part with such treasures?

These are the creme of the donated crop. These museum quality donations are locked up in a case by the cash register.  I would guess this is the area they zoom their observation cameras on most frequently. 
I bet most people would gravitate to these lovelys.

They are almost too hard to resist.

Too bad they did not have more of these. Wouldn't these be fabulous for your next formal event. 
Such flair and taste shown in this centerpiece.

  Martha Stewart would be envious of this arrangement.

Oh the joy of finding a pristine collection of doll heads and body parts. 
This may be the mother load.

Gems Gems and More.

This is an example of what happens if you breathe in too much thrift store air. 
They are lovely girls, although they look ferocious. 

Fabulous baskets at a fraction of what you would pay in walmart.

Ok, that is it for now.   Please tell me about your fab finds.


Steven Anthony said...

creepy clown....that um, center the gems, well I will let u in on a secret, I create jewelry, and I buy alot of that stuff, take it apart and use the parts, its always amazing how with a little repurposing, those old ugly things can become beautiful

Lisa E said...

Steven, uhm, darling, that is why I go thrifting for bags of this vintage costume shup..I saw it first

Lisa E said...

Psst, I sometimes sell it by the pound on EBAY

McGillicutty said...

This could turn out to be quite the challenge and I'm up for it. I will head to the thrift store tomorrow and get me some real good pics of the shite we have on offer in these parts.
p.s. I love the "shup" mind if I borrow that one??? thanks.

otin said...

I am for anything that warms my cockles! LOL

Lisa E said...

McGillicutty please do, Please let me know when you do? I guess we could do a Mr. Linkie thing but I don't know how~~~~~~~Otin???

deebella said...

Hmm-that Thrift shop looks awfully familiar to me, could it possibly be located in Cheswick?

I sale on line also but not what you sale -guess what I sale?
Loved looking at the pictures you took of our great city- I love it at night coming back from the airport-what a fabulous site

Lisa E said...

Dee, That is fabulous coming through the tunnel at night. We go that way often on weekends and no matter how many time you come out of that tunnel at night, it still amazes me. It is funny that people have this misconception about Pittsburgh. It is a beautiful city.

Dee? what do you sell?