Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

My two new friends co-host this awesome Happy Hour Friday.  The idea is to ramble about things that we are happy about. What a nice twist, as we all tend to grumble instead of being grateful. I take this time to refocus on the good in my life.  Join in, and do not forget to visit the co-founders of this great idea.

I am happy I took today off to be lazy (ok I was planning on being productive but cut me a break)
I am happy that HR seems to be straightening out  my PTO and Rate issues.
I am happy that it is the weekend
I am happy that it is sunny outside
I am happy that I am sitting here listening to my dog sleeping and woofing in his dreams
I am happy that my daughter's wedding plans are moving along nicely
I am happy I only ate one piece of pizza for lunch instead of the two I had
I am happy I got my first bloggy award from Steven
I am happy that I was able to make someone smile
I am happy my neice is using her gifts and taking voice lessons (you need to visit her blog  to find out what a cool kid she is, get link off my profile-ps, she never visits her blog but I still love bragging about her (yes I wrote her some of her blog)
I am happy we got a huge selection of perinneals for a song and got them in the ground
I am happy I am in the process of decluttering various areas of my life


Happy Friday everyone! Go see Otie and click on his Mr Linky (he really likes it when you do that!) <~~Stolen from Bambi!!!



Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

That's a great list of 'happy'! :) Have a great weekend! :)

Margaret said...

I think I am going to do this next Friday because like you said I am usually negative on Friday. This will be a really good change.

Lisa E said...

Its good to stop and just think positively, even if for fifteen minutes on a Friday :O)

otin said...

See, that is why I waited so long on doing the sidebar thing!!! I only left the blogs off that I did not recognize by the blog name when they were given to me as options! It will make me very happy to go put you up on the sidebar!!!! :)))

Lisa E said...

otin you are the bomb

rxBambi said...

Wow you are quite happy! Sounds like a good day :)
Although it would have been funny if you put in there what you said on my HHF comment. hahahahaha

Lisa E said...

Bambi. I was so tempted!!