Sunday, November 8, 2009

Someplace Special ~ Pittsburgh

Today we went for a convertible drive. It was a gorgeous and warm fall day in western Pennsylvania.
 Our first stop was dropping off some crab shrimp seafood gumbo soup that hubby made to my mother's house. 

We then went on our merry way to stop at the free Mr. Rogers Neighborhood set tour. WQED had rebuilt the actual set for a public tour event for just this weekend. The TV station is in Oakland, a section of Pittsburgh where most of the hospitals and large colleges are located.

Fred Rogers' is someone that I have always admired, and hubby was humoring me. 

Well, the line was blocks long, and no parking was to be found, so we gave up on that thought.

~I did not take that picture~

We next ventured over to the north shore, with our hair blowing in the wind, to see a Nina and Pinta replica exhibit that was moored at the docks outside of the stadiums.

There were so many people that blocked the dayumn boats. 
PS that guy on the right is my hubby !

It was an enjoyable time in Pittsburgh.

The home of the world famous ::cough::: :::cough:::: Pittsburgh Pirates

Did you know Andy Warhol was from Pittsburgh?

We have such a beautiful city.  It is known for it's many many bridges.

We have had great baseball players at one time or another.

This is the recently unveiled statue in tribute to Fred Rogers.  I think it sucks, but I suppose it is the thought that counts. He was amazing.

I hope you enjoyed my lil' photo essay of a day in the life of Lisa E.

Trivia that amazes me:  Fred Rogers never screamed. When he got angry, he'd go and play his piano.  That is so freaking cool.


Steven Anthony said...

wow good looking soup, great day for a ride, city is beautiful....awesome day;)

ps.Your freaking cool!

My Aimless Infatuation said...

I loved Fred Rogers too,I'm with you,the statue sucks. My children grew up watching him and we need more like him in this world. Thanks for the photos. BTW,hope you got my e-mail.

rxBambi said...

I loved loved LOVED Mr Rogers! I used to watch everyday and would get soo stinkin PISSED at my mom if I had to miss it! I always wanted to be that one chick, I can't think of her name. The princess. Hang on lemme look. Hmmm I can't find it. Maybe it was the queen I liked. Anyway. I loved the show. Gimme a break it's been like 30 years...

otin said...

I didn't know where you were from! Very interesting!

Lisa E said...

Aw, Steven.............Thx!! and yes that soup was yummy!
My Aimless Infatuation-Ill go peek for the email. I loved Fred. Even as an adult he often touched my heart. He truly is the one person, if I could meet anyone, that I'd be honored to meet.
Bambi, I always liked Daniel the pussy cat :O)
Otin, yep I am a Pittsburgh Steeler fan. :)