Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ralphie May takes Pittsburgh at the IMPROV and more

Hubby, myself, Daughter and Soon to be Son-in-Law had a nice evening out last night. 
It all started with dinner at J Clarks.  I had a coupon that I bought for $2 from my ADP savings site.  We ate like lil' piggies and the food was great. Even beyond the food, the waitress was great.  I rate them 5 stars for what they are; quick good food and service!

We then were off to the Waterfront in a hot night scene area of Pittsburgh.  The area was vibrant.  I enjoyed just taking in the scenery.  We were there to see Ralphie May at the Improv. 

Some nice guy with a real camera sent me a text with this picture.  Thanks nice guy!

We arrived early, but since it is animal seating at the joint, that was a good thing. We found seats that I thought were great; one row back, front and center.

Hubby wanted front and center, but as I know he thinks he is a comic himself, and he can be obnoxious, I was relieved at the seating we got. Really, no one was paying to see my hubby perform, it was Ralphie they wanted.

We were all happily seated with our first round when I looked up at the stage, only feet from us and to my utter dismay, this chick with huge hair was blocking my stage view. 

Ok, shit happens, but I paid (ok hubby paid) good buckeroos to see this show. The venue arranges tables so no one is blocked but this woman was clueless. She had moved her chair to directly, in unison with the lady at her table next to her, block my view. I'd bob to catch a view of Ralphie, and the amazon hair woman would move too.  As the show went on, my blood pressure increased and hubby was getting pissed that I was so freakin mad.  Ha...............he said for me to move to his seat and stop bitching!!!!  

From that point on the show was utterly enjoyable, except hubby was pissed and he couldn't say anything........ha again!

Raphie has an overly zealous phallic and sexual obsession.  His show revolves mostly around this. He is raw on the crude chart and also politically incorrect on many levels, but real.  He also is knowledgeable about my city, Pittsburgh, and a genuine STEELERS fan.  His facial expressions and body movements, as he tells his stories truly, made me wish I was wearing a depends undergarment.  Funny stuff. He went on for over an hour and a half.  

Me and Raphie Post Show-Genuinely kind and fluffy. I like him!

After the show we got to meet him. Hubby shook his hand and said he told Ralphie that he was  pissed 'cuz  he thought Dat Phan was supposed to be there tonight (he was the winner of last comic standing that beat Ralphie May). Ralphie quickly said "he is over at PF Changs" (the chinese restaurant in the Waterfront) Well, hubby was glad he got to joke with Ralphie!

I must close this post with a plea.  

When attending an event where people are sitting behind you, please don't wear a bitch-high-teased haird0, and also be courteous of those around you, and do not move around like a chow chow on crack. 
It is not appreciated.

Peace Out,

Lisa E


Steven Anthony said...

Sounds like a great night....he sounds like just my kind of time sit behind me, we both know the hair teased thing wont be a big


otin said...

I love a good comedy show! Dat Phan was so damn lame lol!

I saw Sam Kinison in a small club, back in the day! That was awesome!

Lisa E said...

It was a good show. He is soooooooooooooooo much better than Dat Phan. What a crock that show was when he won.

smiles4u said...

Sounds great! I love to laugh and I'm sure I would have enjoyed this. What a bummer about the lady with the big hair!

Margaret said...

I totally agree with you! Why do people always have to wear such big hair when they are going to see shows!

Shannon said...

He was hilarious! I'm glad you guys came with us...Next time we'll sit in the "no" big hair allowed section ;0)

adrienzgirl said...

Seriously, listen up ladies. BIG HAIR, it went out in the 80's. Stop your madness already!

Lisa E said...

I like big hair. I don't like it blocking my view of Raphie, now that is BIG hair!!