Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ice and Wintergreen

Well, I made it through another 8 hours at work.


My pain has gotten worse daily since that wonder drug shot of cortisone wore off. I wake up with little pain, but within 30 or so steps, the pain sets in and keeps me company all day long. With each passing hour, it grips me more tightly, refusing to let go until the evening ice and creme numb it.

Ice is my friend and so is any kind of
menthol'ish wintergreen'ish scent of lotion. I have rubbed so much lotion on my knee that stock probably has spiked in the analgesic creme stock market lately.

Just the sight of ice and the scent of analgesic creme bring me joy.

I dream all day long of coming home and sticking my throbbing leg up on the
dining room chair that I have stuck next to the couch as my leg lift.

I am freshly showered and dressed in comfy yoga pants and a soft soft top and the aromatic scent of wintergreen is wafting gently through the air. My leg is up and I have a bare naked one-gallon zip-lock bag full of ice laying right on my knee.

Life is good.


Steven Anthony said...

ouch....Im glad the ice and mento stuff is working;;

Btw: Love the toe polish;)

peace and painfree days my friend;)

ADayInTheLife said...

why thanks. I am getting an MRI friday and meeting with the ortho man again the following friday. I cant stand it anymore!

The Good Cook said...

Not a day too soon! Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you are suffering so with your knee. Thank goodness you don't live over here--these steps are horrible!! will you get results from MRI on Friday?

ADayInTheLife said...

I'll get the results next Friday at my ortho appt.

ADayInTheLife said...

Thank you for the kind wishes!