Friday, September 25, 2009

His Life

Note: This was something I wrote when I first began blogging earlier this year. I wrote it about someone that I work with. He continually amazes me and makes me smile with his determination and positivity.


I saw into his world.

His story told with permanent ink on his skin.

A beautiful man, full of life, you can see it in his eyes.

He lives admidst the violence that has affected him so deeply

and personally,



many times

in his young life.

He has lost His father. His sister . His neice . His Friend .

Only one taken Home by age.

The others,




Names, Crosses and Signs of faith


in his skin,

with needles

laced with Black ink.


He still believes.

Each day he works,


to make His life better.

His life with His Wife,

and His Child.

His Faith Works.

His light continues...

1 comment:

Steven Anthony said...

amazing....sometimes it takes seeing the strength of another to realize we can make it...thank you for sharing this, I needed this today:)

chin up my friend.