Saturday, September 26, 2009

Must Get Cell Phone

It is crazy when you think about it.
A decade, or so ago, people thought it was a vanity thing.
But now, I must not be without my cell phone.

Yesterday, at work, I noticed my blackberry was not working.

Texts and calls were coming in, but I was not able to access them. My roller worked side-to-side, but not up and down.

I tried everything. I noticed if I plugged it into my computer it would light up, and look like it was going to be nice to me, but it played me for a fool. There, in front of my eyes, were all of my beautiful icons, that give me access to my world, ignoring my desires.

I felt betrayed by one that I trusted. I felt alone and confused. I was embarrassed that I was without what I had thought was loyal to me.

I watched as the minutes clicked off the clock. My blackberry had left me, without much notice. Maybe I hadn't been the perfect one but I did try to make this relationship work.

At the realization that a new relationship was now able to begin, I suddenly felt uplifted and giddy at the thought of getting new.

As I walked into the glorious store full of shiny new companions that all wanted me, I felt lightheaded and in control. I checked one after an other and narrowed my choices. I held them, felt how they rested in my hand and on the side of my face. I needed to be sure we would be compatible. Once I held 'the chosen one' I knew instantly. As we left together, I again felt whole.

Thank you for the good times blackberry, but I am glad you left.
Welcome to my frazzled world HTC. I am glad you joined me for this chapter of my journey.


Steven Anthony said...

I have been without a land line for over ten yrs now, I would be so lost without my constant friend my cell....I loved your account of holding them..made me giggle a bit;)

peace friend..enjoy your new partner;)

ADayInTheLife said...

Im a sick puppy. I like ice bengay and cell phones a bit to the warped side.