Monday, September 21, 2009

Dancing with the stars

I just watched this huge muscular man ballroom dancing with a small boned pretty woman dancer. He was so out of his element, but yet giving it his all. He looked stiff, and uncomfortable, but he did it.

The judges are tossing out their opinions which are not exactly flattering to him.
The dancing duo stand there together, a graceful trained dancer, and a brute of a man, getting graded on their performance

In his world he is an Ultimate Fighting Champion. I guess that is wrestling. I give him credit for giving this a go. Somehow, I doubt his professional dancing partner would change places with his world, and get into the ring

Just saying............

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Steven Anthony said...

I just watched the program....I give him props, could someone come farther from there comfort zone? He certainly gave it his all!

love the show;)