Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thrift Shop High

I love thrift stores.
Ok, I admit it, I am addicted.
Actually, it is an obsession.
I have a very difficult time not stopping in at my local shop at least 3 or 4 times a week.
I blame my car.
I tell people my car is possessed.
I tell them that it relaxes me to shop.
I'll tell you a secret, I don't like shopping.
Well, ok, I don't like conventional retail shopping.
I get no pleasure out of walking in a mall aimlessly with other people. I get no thrill out of going into a dress shop and finding a dress. There is no challenge to this. Shopping in a mall is not a sport.
Shopping in a mall rates right up there with hunting in a tree stand.
In my honest opinion, mall shopping is not really shopping.
, I guess it is shopping, but it is plain boring.
For instance, would you really ever go out and just shop to buy a St. John pink skirt? Would you ever just toss over a couple hundred smackeroos for a St. John pink skirt with a slight metallic thread through it? The answer to that is probably, no. I do not know of anyone in my little small circle of friends that would go out intentionally to buy a pink St. John skirt with a metallic thread through the fabric.
Let's change this game.
If you are in a thrift store and spot a pink St. John skirt that's fabric has a metallic threading through it would you feel you scored?
Would you have a shopping high finding this skirt for $2.99?

I scored today. Can you guess what I found?

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