Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seasick? Is it worth the possibility?

Now we have the opportunity to be a part of a family charter of a boat to go deep sea fishing at OBX for the whole day. I have never done this, but it has definitely peaked interest in me.
My question is-
Will the experience be worth taking the chance of me getting seasick, and barfing my guts out all day?
Opinions more than welcomed. Experiences of such adventures also welcomed.


Jen said...

I think you should go for it -- and share the info, so I can convince my husband we should do this when we go to OBX in August! I've never been on a boat before :) You can always get medication for seasickness before you go on vacation, if you're truly concerned, so I think it would be worth the adventure! HAVE FUN!

The Good Cook said...

I have spent my fair share of time on boats. Some helpful tips:

EAT and continue to eat. You would think this is bad advice, but believe me, keeping food in your stomach will help keep seasickness at bay. (no pun intended)

LOOK to the horizon. If you begin to feel quezy, look to the horizon. Keep your eyes on the horizon. DO NOT look at the waves or the bow of the ship.

STAY above decks. Do NOT go below. There is more movement below and the breeze and fresh air will help you.

STAY away from alcohol. The night before and the day of.

You'll be fine. The experience, the water, the sun, the air is all fantastic. Go for it!

ADayInTheLife said...

I grew up on boats. We lived on a river in PA and our family always was skiing, tubing, cruising etc but I have never been way out on the ocean.

Eating is no problem~a legit excuse
(cheesecake perhaps) :O)

Thank you both for your comments. They are appreciated and noted!!!!