Monday, July 27, 2009

Craigslist is my friend

I have placed a few "wanted" ads on Craigslist for surf fishing stuff. We want to surf fish during our trip to Bucks' Island in September and did not want to break the bank buying gear.
I have had a handful of really nice people give me tips on surf fishing, where to find equipment there, and books to read on the subject but today was magic.
A man responded to my request, and he was de-cluttering himself of ALL of his salt fishing gear, including a really cool crab trap. We got two amazing rods, two great reels with tons of fishing line, a really nice multi-tiered tackle box FULL of lures, rubber creepy crawlers, hooks, leaders, sinkers, and the crab trap for (drum roll) $100!!!! This gear is two years old. The man even gave my hubby all the articles he had found on the subject, and a surf fishing book that is authored by a man who is from the OUTER BANKS (this is the same book that an earlier responder to my ad suggested that I buy). I am thrilled.
WE will be surf fishing the first week in September!
Thank you kindly Mitch for making our fishing dreams come true.


The Good Cook said...

Surf Fishing??? Crabbing? Can I come? I'll cook everything you catch!!

ADayInTheLife said...

Between the sun, the food, and the fun we will never want to leave!!