Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boys ONLY Deep Sea Fishing = I am a Pissed Off NICE Person

So much for my deep sea fishing.
Today I got informed that this is a guy's day out ONLY.
Seems that I was led to believe that anyone who chipped in was welcome on the privately chartered boat.
Considering I immediately told my sibling that my husband and I want in, I stupidly assumed that was the end of it.
Well, today I found out my assumption was not correct.
I kind of went off on a few relatives today.
Seems that the one thought she was being polite in telling me that
she chose to not go fishing, as she puked her guts out when she had went before ,and she thought that going to town and beading a necklace with her daughter was more appropriate.
She thought I'd bite and want to go "beading" too.

Come on. If she wants to not puke, let her, I want to go deep sea fishing, and she knew it from the moment it was brought up.
I can understand a Guy's day out, but I was sorely hurt that I was not told directly that that was the plan.

Take it from me~

Being polite to avoid being honest isn't necessarily kind. It can hurt.


Meeko Fabulous said...

Here's what you do . . . Charter your own boat and go out and make it a 'you' day out! :)

ADayInTheLife said...

Not to be a bitch at the front desk (which I innocently call myself) butttttttt, I wanted ::::sniff sniff:::::::: to go out on this boat with six family members only, and have a memorable day. As it turns out my kid (she is not really a kid but an adult) and her fiance were planning on the first trip too, so now, I think that we will do just as you say Meeko :O) and charter our own dayumn boat. Good thinking!!!

The Good Cook said...

Go for it. Guys day out my a$$. Hope you catch lots of fish!