Tuesday, June 7, 2011

He is not alone

Hubby’s 89 year old father, Joe, is frail and in a nursing home.

Recently when a nurse caught him using a walker alone in the hall, instead of in a wheel chair, she informed him that he is not to be in the hall alone.

He told the nurse that he is never alone

The nurse said “well who is with you now?”

His father replied “Jesus. He is always with me. I am never by myself.”

Yesterday Joe had to go to the hospital to receive cortisone shot in his knee.

The hospital is located next to the nursing home.

His father went into the exam room and there were three chairs.

The doctor came in and sat down in one, and Joe asked who else was coming since there was an extra chair.

The doctor replied that it was for Joe’s friend.

Joe asked ” what friend?”

The doctor replied” Jesus.”

Word of what Joe told that nurse travelled all through the nursing home and through the hospital.

Joe reminded them all that they are never alone. Jesus is always with them.

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