Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Season

So, its Fall. 
I am Not a fan.
Fall reminds me of death. 
Most people seem to like the season, 
They even look forward to it. 
Not me.
Fall is a empty, but reflective time for me.
My Dad died in Fall.
Many years ago.
I was 14.  Too young to lose a Dad.
He was just over 40.  Too young to die.
36 years ago, I became Fatherless.
How can time pass so quickly?


The Good Cook said...

Yes, 14 is too young to loose a dad and 40 is too young to die. Sigh.

Barb said...

I'm sorry fall brings you sadness. Let's hope it goes by as quickly as the last 36 years. Re: your previous post, I know what you mean about blogging taking over your life. I too have not been blogging as much and have tried not to worry about how many comments I get. My sister had to remind me that number of comments in not directly proportional to my self-worth! Hugs