Saturday, April 3, 2010

Not who I thought....

When I first met him, I admired him
I admired his drive
I was impressed with his control of his vision and with his determination
Then, when things don't go precisely as he feels they should be, his redundant rants quickly become an annoyance and disruptive to the common goal 
then this annoyance causes me to practice avoidance
I have discovered that he is not the person that i had perceived that he was
he is frustrated by me, and I am frustrated by him
I can see his point of view, partially
Seeing that point, does not mean that i have to agree
I can't give him the answers he wants to hear
I can only give him the answers that i have
his persistence to attempt to make me switch sides has left me the choice to not admire him anymore, or even like him
I wish he had an off switch
He doesn't, but I do


Steven Anthony said...

This has happened to me, I always feel let down, disapointed in a way, that the person isnt who I thought, who they presented themselves to is sad.

I hope you have a happy Easter friend;)


The Good Cook said...

Hmm.. I guess it's really not the other person's fault, is it? They are just who they are... I suppose this is why I am very slow to make new friends or judge someone.. there are just so many sides to us all. Although it is painful when we discover that we were mistaken about someone, isn't it?

Julie said...

Wow, you just described my marriage in one blog post. LOL

Catching up on my blog reading, finally. Happy Saturday and Happy Easter!!!!

Lisa E said...

I have a great faith in people in general. I believe in doing the "right thing".

This is person does not want to see beyond what affects his world. I am disappointed.

I have worked very hard, with others, towards a common goal of growth for us all on a project, and this person, probably without being maliciously aware, has really set us up for a backslide.

On an other note, but much sincerity, I wish you all a Happy Easter.


Thumper said...

Life is but what we see and feel. Those around the outside of us never understand and can't see within, turn the page and try again!