Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday for Me

I have been ultra busy frantically finding a dress for the wedding.  I have now 10 evening gowns in my closet in various colors and styles.  I have taken two back to the store, but the others sit.  I finally found the dress and I am happy with it.
This has been consuming me and I am so thrilled that the mother of the bride (Moi')  will now have something to wear does not make her look like a stuffed sausage in chiffon.

This weekend, I took a me day.

Hubbs was perfectly content to be left alone watching sports on TV, without me asking dumbass questions (just to keep conversation) about the games that I truly could care less about. 

I left and went on a solo adventure to the mall. Now, you that know me, know that I do not like shopping, but somehow, it felt cleansing to go without the possessed driven goal to find 'the dress'.

I stopped at Macy's to see if I saw any jewelry that struck my fancy.  Nothing there compared to my costume jewelry that I collect, so I wandered over to the cosmetic counter. 

They had a promotion that caught my eye and the next thing I knew, I was sitting in the chair getting all beautified with the latest creamy concoctions and in fab new colors.  Yes, I am a sucker for playing dress-up, and I gladly let the consultant have her way with me. 

We had a really nice conversation and I enjoyed the pampering (and the compliments on how nice my skin was and how extraordinary my eyes are).  (YES, I do know she was using complimentary selling techniques on me.  Did you really feel the need to burst my delusion)

Her compliments worked, and I walked away with a chic little makeup kit that set me back $70. She was not as good as most  consultants though, as I usually get set back a buck when I set in the makeup chair.  I was $30 ahead in my calculations.

I left Macy's with my bold new racoon eye statement and my little bag.   It was so refreshing having no obligation  to anyone while I was walking through the mall. I love going out with Hubbs or Daughter but usually, (ok, always) I am on their timetable. 

 I walked the whole mall and ventured into the  Asian Massage. I got myself a foot massage.  It was  an indulgent part of my Saturday. I allowed myself to totally relax and not open my eyes,or mouth the whole time.  The place was so quiet with dimmed lighting, amazing lounge chairs and very low oriental instrumental music.

I went to my mom's for a  visit, and then to donate some old clothes I no longer wear.

I got home sixish and  Hubbs had a  nice italian meal prepared

A  very nice Saturday for me <3


Steven Anthony said...

That sounds devine....

I dont know if I have somehow missed your recent post or if you havent posted in awhile, but it seems like ages since I have visited with ya.....whatever it was, Im glad I caught ya today

happy sunday my friend

mean_owen said...

Very nice-I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. We all need to do something for ourselves once in a while.