Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Its been awhile...............and I almost feel guilty

Notice that I did say almost. 
It's been about a month since I have blogged, and I do peek periodically  at those I follow.  

I just wanted to drop by with a random post of randomness regarding a detail of  preparing for our upcoming event.
We are in high gear as we steamroll  towards our daughter's wedding date. It is now a little over 90 days away. Lots of things need tended to, and although I realize it will fall into place, nerves are beginning to show.  

I got over MY latest trauma
found a dress that I don't feel like a 
sausage wearing. 

For months, I have been searching EVERY night online for "the dress".  I have ordered enough formal gowns( I am not kidding) to begin my own gown rental depot.

I do not enjoy
shopping, not even a 
I detest clothes shopping.

I do not try on. 
I just buy 

Clothes shopping makes me want to barf.

I hit the jackpot today in the flat rate postal box that was lovingly placed at my door.

The dress is pretty and comfortable 
and I 
do not
look like I am wearing a 
dumpy sparkling 

I also need to share with you people that are doing that 
LOSE IT BITCH program ~

Since January 1, 2010, I have lost 16 pounds of flubber!

Yay for me!


Steven Anthony said...

Yay for you! brilliant;)

Im glad you found a dress that isnt a sparkly sack you still crack me up;)

deebella said...

I really want to join your Lose it Bitch or whatever its called!
I am trying to figure out how to go to the wedding & my granddaughters function What time is it?

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

That is amazing! I've only lost 3 lb.

Meeko Fabulous said...

I'm so glad you found a dress! And you don't like clothes shopping?! That's cause you haven't gone shopping with me yet! :)

Sabreena said...

I'm with you on clothes shopping. I too just buy and hope. Recently my 2 babies in 2 years beliguered body has finally set into a decent shape which fits the same size shirts so now I grab and go. Excpet jeans, those damn things have to be tried on or I'll look like a muffin that's cup had too much mix placed in it before baking.

Lisa E said...

Ha, Steven, you crack me up doll.
Dee, I am just following that spark people plan online. It is SO slow. I so hope you can attend the wedding.
Sandy but you are amazing. I love your latest post.
Meko, without a doubt, I think I would have a fabulous time just hanging out with you. You are my kinda people.
Sabrina, instead of looking like a muffin cup, I look more like an erupting volcano!

Darrin.. said...

OOF... Shopping. Not a big fan, but then again that's probably not too big of a surprise since I'm a man. LOL! I DO love a good bowling shirt and hats, but I don't go out of my way to locate new styles. For me.. eBay has been a god send for clothes shopping!