Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Hour Friday. I made it home alive

I am happy it is Friday!! 
Make sure to Visit & who started this great Happy Hour Friday-a time to have gratitude.
Well, I took off again this Friday.  I was scheduled off last Friday but went in due to a staffing issue.  This time I really was off! I am thankful for that.
Let me share that I am not a fan of ANY kind of shopping besides THRIFT SHOPPING (it's like a treasure hunt). Today was crunch time and I am thankful that I found websites that give you legitimate coupons to print out for brick and morter stores that saved ME A BUNCH today.  Here is a link to one:   I used coupons at Macys -$15 off of $50, Yankee Candle $10 off $25, Catherine's $15 off of $25, Hallmark $5 off of $5, Bath & Body Works Free item up to $13 when you spend $10 and more. It is really worth it to print those suckers out.
I am really thankful I was able to drag myself through that whole mall today with five huge HEAVY shopping bags and me.  Let me tell you that this is no SMALL feat.  My knees are still killing me, but, I ibiprophened up and glucosomined up and I got through it.  

I am thankful that one store held some of my bags for me while I shopped. I must have looked haggard.  The woman was so sweet.  When I picked them up she saw I bought a ton more and even offered to take them out to the car for me.  Do I really look this haggard?? I so appreciated her kindness though. 

I am thankful my house is not a complete disaster; only a semi-disaster. 
We need to put together some cubby hole units Hubby got me this weekend.   I am an Ebay'r and I found 30 unit cubby units at BIGLOTS for $24.99 each. The whole unit is 47" w x 43" h x 24" Deep. This is a HUGE bargain. The suckers each weigh 189lbs. I got two thanks to Hubby!  It will make ebay'in so much more organized. Each cubby will hold one of those plastic shoe box size containers with room to spare. Yay!!

We will also toss our Sauder wall unit and just put the TV on top of one of the units. This will simplify the mess in the gameroom.  I have a precor elliptical, a monster treadmill and a recumbent bike along with a freakin huge loveseat'ish piece of furniture, a wing chair and a computer desk in that poor gameroom.  (too bad I don't use the freakin exercise stuff-ok, I plan on using it after the holidays)
Am I rambling here? Yep I am............
I am thankful that Hubby got me a new camera for my birthday that I drag everywhere.  I took some pictures the other day that I am just gonna share with you whether you want to look or not.  That is the beauty of having your very own blog. You can do whatever you feel like doing.  Amazing!!! 

We get a Christmas Card EVERY year from our Pittsburgh Steelers. It came today. Too bad they are having such a tough year.  Who else can say they have won SIX superbowls though. I am thankful they have won 6 Superbowls.  COME ON GUYS GET BACK ON TRACK CUZ YOU ARE CAUSING MY FRIEND DEE TOO MUCH ANGUISH!!

I am thankful that my LEG lamp is in my front window.  I love that silly ol' thing. Hubby got it for me about 6 years ago for my birthday. It graces the bay window from Thanksgiving through New Years Day. I LOVE IT. 

I am Happy Hour Friday Happy that we were gifted a  picture from a friend who visited the Christmas Story actual house. Can you tell we love that movie??

 Our favorite holiday movie is the Christmas Story.  During the holidays, my sister and her hubby play the DVD continually.

"I love the wizard of oz; I love the tin man."

I hope your Friday is Happy, and I also hope you take a moment to think about things that are good in your life. 

Peace Out!
Lisa E.


otin said...

I am not a Steeler fan, but that Christmas card is so cool! Are they actually real signatures or is it like a photo copy item?

You took Friday off! Lucky you!

Lisa E said...

its a mass produced card but we get one cuz we are on the waiting list (over ten years) for season tickets. I love getting it. Merry Christmas Mr. Otin

Gillian said...

Kewl post.

smiles4u said...

I too, am not a fan of shopping but love thrift shopping. Love it! How nice that one of the stores held your bags for you and then she even offered to help you take them to the car. Now, that is the spirit of Christmas. I love hearing stories of things like this.

You have my dream exercise room. We have been putting away the money we've saved from quitting smoking to save for a treadmill. I can hardly wait to get one!

I am glad that you can see so much good in your life! Yippy! Have a wonderful weekend! Lori

fancypants said...

LOVE that lamp! (and Christmas Story is my fave Christmas movie of all time.) Your cubbies sound cool- would love to have something like that...