Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

  • I am happy cuz' today is Friday. It has been a long week for me. I don't mind working hard, but I don't like going in circles,which I did this week.
  • I am happy we are going to see Ralphi May  ( i think that is his name, that guy from last comic standing) tomorrow with hubby, daughter and her soon to be hubby.Hubby wants to sit up front (he has never gone to a comedy show). There is no freakin' way I am sitting up front (been there done that)
  • I am happy that I got invited to a birthday party, and got to graciously turn it down, but get my disappointment and hurt into the light. The only bad part is that the person having the party was doing it for all the right reasons, and was innocently made aware of ironic circumstances that left him speechless..
  • I am happy my house is semi-clean before the weekend so I don't feel guilty "not cleaning" during my off time. I am really trying to keep up with my house daily instead of it turning into a dumpster project on the weekend.
  • I am happy that the woman who bravely played a significant part of stopping that military officer at fort hood has been publicly honored for her bravery.  I was so impressed with her demeanor. She accepted being a hero (which most people ridiculously play down) in such a humble way, stating she would only accept the title if all the others involved were recognized also. She is such a class act.
  • I am sure I am happy for many more reasons, but as of yet, I have not got enough coffee in my brain to think.
  • I am happy you are here reading this post.  Try out this idea on your blog. It is good to find the good in your life and acknowledge it (I would love it if you hit the follow button and took my button to your blog too-I will do the same) (OK, Maybe I am asking too much, but again, forgive me, I haven't had my pot of joe.)

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BAMBI, I just realized that I did not click your follow button. I did today. Geesh, I visit and enjoy both of your blogs daily. Im so dorky


    otin said...

    Ralphi May is very funny! He should have won that show!

    My house is always semi clean, never really clean!

    Now I must go find some coffee for my brain!

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

    Ralphi May is totally funny - looking forward to hearing how much fun you had! ;)

    I need to start making a daily pick up around the house a regular event, too - it does suck having to have a dumpster project on the weekends! :)

    The woman who stopped that soldier at Fort Hood truly is a class act.

    Happy HHF! :)

    Margaret said...

    I try and stay up on cleaning but it never seems to happen for me.

    rxBambi said...

    I love that you clicked my button today! Oh my, now I sound as perverted as Otie. Must be why we're friends.
    My house never really seems to be clean either. I just wish the kids would get off their lazy butts and help me once in a while. Without bitching, of course.
    Oh well. Have a great weekend!!

    Barb said...

    My house is never clean. And since I don't work (outside of the house), I don't merit a cleaning person (so says DH). I just remind myself that I have 3 boys, 2 dogs, a cat, and a husband and almost never get any help. I'm not superwoman!
    I clicked your button. Happy Friday!

    Steven Anthony said...

    I am happy it is friday and that it has been made a bit brighter by visiting your blog....thanx friend, happpy weekend;)

    smiles4u said...

    I'm happy that it's friday too. I'm always happy if my house is half ways clean. I also was impressed by this woman from Ft Hood. This is my first time trying this Happy hour Friday and think it's a cool idea to find things to be happy about!

    adrienzgirl said...

    Live comedy shows are so much fun. I try to keep up with the house during the week too, doing everything on the weekend when I could spend quality time with the family blows!

    Lisa E said...

    Thank you all for your comments. I am so happy to see you all here. My hubby still thinks he wants to sit up front at raphi may. He is nutzoid!! Happy weekend time to you all!!!