Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin the cat is a demanding princess.

This is Pumpkin.
She has been in our family for over 15 years.
She came into the world thinking she was an orphan. Well, she was not an orphan, but she did have to fend for herself right after her birth.
My brother had a cat named Bones that was her mother. Bones was being spayed and she had her pre-op exam and all was well. Dear brother took Bones in for surgery and all went as planned. Later that evening, dear brother heard little noises that he could not discern. After a thorough search, much to his amazement, he found two new kittens. It seems no one including the vet had known that Bones was preggo.
Bones came home the next morning and went for her kitties and nursed and mamma'ed them with no notice to her surgery pain.
Her kittens were born in late October. We got Pumpkin. She was the runt of the two. My daughter fell in love instantly. My mother adopted the other and named her Annie (after Little Orphan Annie).
Pumpkin is quite special and unlike other felines, she wears pearls. Even her vet acknowledges her highness.
She is such a demanding little priss. If her bowl is low (meaning less than half empty) she first meows. If this antic does not move us to her bowl, she then finds something to make an aggravating noise with. Most frequently she rustles a plastic shopping bag. This is always, of course, done at 2 am in the morning, in our bedroom.
She sleeps with us and we dare not move when she is comfortable or she will bite our feet. Funny thing is that we cognitively do try to not disturb her. She is such a good foot warmer. Other times she comes up and lays facing my face and puts her paw on my nose. Sounds goofy, but it is heartwarming and comforting.
I love my Pumkin and of course my lil' buddy Neko.
Our furry kids never cease to amaze us. They are a constant source of joy.

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Steven Anthony said...

She sounds alot like my fancy....isnt it great to have four legged family members;) they bring such joy, and can always be counted on. she is very pretty;)