Saturday, August 29, 2009

Walmart is the bomb

The week is long and we look forward to time off. Friday evenings are one of our favorites since hubby n I always go to our "Cheers" for our "date".

Once a week, we sit leisurely together, enjoying a meal and a few drinks out.

Last night I had my typical two (2) Friday Long Island Lisa's (my knick-name at this place is Long Island Lisa, cuz I get my Long Islands, my way, every Friday, and the staff, who are friends, have given me this slosh sounding name).

We needed to pick up whipped cream at Walmart (its close, and it was late) and I was happily tipsy.

Have you ever walked through a walmart, late at night, slightly tipsy and people watched?

If you have not experienced this, you should.

'Nuff Said!


Ekanthapadhikan said...

We don't have Walmart in our county. But I guess, I canunderstand what you mean.

And thanks for visiting my blog. PYT means Pretty Young Thing!

Steven Anthony said...

Awwwww walmart, late at night, tipsy...I have even been known to grab my date and dance through the ailes, walmart does play a wonderful selection of elevator music:)

The Good Cook said...

Oh - that newspaper clipping is too, too funny.

Don't you just hate to have to get all dressed up to go to Walmart???

ADayInTheLife said...

It's that music that keeps us coming back!

Walmart is such a slice of America at it's best and/or worst!

Vodka Mom said...

i LOVE that piece from the paper! I laughed out loud!!!