Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yesterday,  hubs and I had the opportunity to attend the biggest party I have ever been to. 
 My son in law obtained four tickets to the
Penn State v. Michigan game
from a business associate and decided to take

 I had no clue what I was in for. 
The weather was great, and as always, I love spending time with the kids and the hubs.
Hubs had been to Penn State games before. but I was a Penn State football game virgin.
The place was beyond jam packed with acres upon acres of RV's, cars and HUGE parties going on.

The atmosphere was so contagiously friendly that it was easy to get lost in the fun. 
We met up with some of the kid's college friends and tailgated. 

We had so so so much fun. 
Hubs had told me that a game at Penn State was something that you had to experience to understand.  He is correct.  There were 108,000 in attendance at the game. 
This place is gigantic. 

 There were probably about 20,000 above that celebrating outside without tickets and watching the game on flat screens.
The stadium rocked with excitement.

 Penn State won  YAY!
  A few fans leaving Beaver Stadium
(it was a white out, can you tell)?
 Daughter and Son-in-Law
Tailgating Aftermath Argh!!!

We had such a great time and hope to do it again!
I feel beat up though today. It was a LONG but FUN FUN day!


lilly said...

that's so awesome! one of my regrets after 5 years at penn state was that i never went to a football game there. i'm not a fan of football, but it really does seem like an experience of a lifetime. and they won too! so cool!

Beyond Willpower said...

totally off topic but I LOVE that nailpolish! :D

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind, but I just reposted your 2010 experience to my FB.

It was cathartic to read good experiences from someone new to our.... madness :)

thank you