Sunday, October 17, 2010

Patriot Paws. Have you heard of them?

During our recent trip to the Outer Banks we visited The Wright Brothers Museum.    Inside, at an exhibit, we noticed a man in a wheelchair with a dog leading him.  When we were closer to the man, we noticed that the man was an injured vet and his companion dog was provided through Patriot Paws. 

When we got home my husband did some research on Patriot Paw and he was touched by their mission.  This sparked an idea for him to do something to help those who protect us .

My Hubs has the following posted on his facebook wall. Please contact him through FB if you are interested in helping this cause. Thank you to those who have responded already <3

That is my hubs (Rick Eichenlaub) above :O)

"On Veterans Day I'm doing leg presses at the gym for an hour. I'm looking for donations, Either a flat amount OR, an amount per ton. My goal is to do at least 120 ton in a hour. The proceeds will be going to Patriot Paws. Please visit their website at I'm looking for donations from everyone and... everywhere so any help will be greatly appreciated. "

Checks are to be made out to Patriot Paws. Contact Rick.

See More Service dog training for Veterans and the impaired - Patriot Paws Service Dogs
Providing dog training and service dogs for the benefit of disabled American Veterans and American’s with mobile disabilities.

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You can find Rick's page linking through my page. Thanks !!

There are tons of references to Patriot Paws online
check them out!

you can start here


Steven Anthony said...

what a truly wonderful thing to do...I will see what I can do...Ill email you ;)


Marina said...

wow...I commend your husband for that.
How wonderful!