Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simon Gone OMG, I can't stand the thought

I am going to admit it. I am an American Idol addict. I really am a Simon addict. I find this man very attractive on more than one level. The only flaw is that he has thin lips. With all of his money, you would think he would buy some sexy lips.  I love his brass honesty. I love when someone occasionally moves him by their singing. I love how he and Paula have love/hate fests.  Or had..
As I sat here glad that Idol was again starting on TV, my ears caught the news that this is Simon's last year. My ears think they heard that he turned down 140 million dollars to stay.
I finally came to terms with the trauma of losing Paula, now this. 
Come on. Be for real. Paula is gone, Simon is leaving, but the most annoying Randy "Dawg" Jackson remains. 
Oh well, I suppose life would be great if this was the worst thing going on in our world.
But, I do love my reality TV, that takes me away from reality, one hour at a time. 


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Hey! Randy's my favorite! He's the mid-range-rating person on the show -- he can be for you or against you.

Simon (as attractive as he is in that "bad boy" way) is usually a little too blunt and rude for me -- although I have to admit that even his rude comments (ie "You put me in mind of what a hobbit would sound like singing") are usually exactly right and somewhat hilarious!

And Paula .... well, let's not even go there!

But I like Randy Jackson, dawg! And I'm looking forward to Ellen being there.

Jen said...

Don't worry, rumor has it that Simon is starting a new reality series called the X Factor! You can still get your hottie Simon fix!!

Margaret said...

Idol with be different with Simon gone that is for sure.

My Aimless Infatuation said...

I love Simon too. Most of the time he says what I'm thinking but I have been told that I'm brutally honest also.

Steven Anthony said...

I just posted this on my tabloid tuesday...I think with most shows once you start losing all the original people, it isnt long before the show goes... ;(

Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...

I. Love. Simon. I so get what you are saying. And, let's be honest. Simon is the only one with the cajones to tell them how it really is. Puh-lease, some of these singers need to hit the wall I call reality.

Simon, call me. I'm single. ;-)

mean_owen said...

I agree. Simon is hot!

Just kidding. I've never seen the show, but I have seen some clips. He reminds me of the kind of guy that says things that make students cry after their presentations. My kind of guy.

adrienzgirl said...

I can't imagine Idol without Simon!

Steven Anthony said...

you have been tagged...check it out on no excuse no explanation;)