Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Ornaments and Memories

I love the memories that certain Christmas tree ornaments hold.
Each year I look for the two most special ones to me. 
The first is a tattered piece of foil with a paper circle taped to it.  This was the star for my daughter's first Christmas tree. 

This piece of foil was transformed into a double layered crisp shiny star. I cut a santa picture out of a roll of Christmas paper and scotch taped it to the foil.  The star sat on top of the blue spruce tree branch that I cut from the tree in the yard of my former in-laws.
It stood in a weighted coffee can covered in wrapping paper.
I still can see this twinkling branch in my mind's eye, although it was 26 Christmas' ago.
A string of multicolored lights and little cheapo ornaments adorned her one branch "tree".
My first husband was in the Air Force, and we were in transitional housing; waiting for a base housing, and it was Christmas time.  
Transitional housing is just a military term meaning a hotel room on base.
That little room was full of holiday sparkle. Lights were on the only window facing the parking lot, and taped up all over the walls, and last, but certainly not least, was the blue spruce pine branch that was her first tree.

The second favorite actually isn't an ornament, but they are on our tree every year since they have been outgrown. They are my daughter's first real walking shoes.

I remember when my Grandmother told me cherish the years as they go so fast, I didn't put much thought into what she shared with me.  

Today though, it is so clear the truth her words held.  It seems like a blink of an eye since experiencing that little branch tree 26 Christmas' ago.

May you be filled with joy, peace and love this holiday season and every day.

Lisa E.


Julie said...

Great post. Happy holidays!

Steven Anthony said...

what awesome memories...I love that you took a bad situation like you wrote about and turned it into a wonderful holiday memory, I love the image of the tree wonderful

happy holidays my friend

My Aimless Infatuation said...

You have just added to my joy,peace and love. That was simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa (aka LadyWanderlust) said...

Such memories the simplest of Christmas ornaments can bring. I remember when they were so little and buzzing from the anticipation of Christmas. I miss those days and am trying to make more Christmas memories as they continue to grow. Thank you for sharing. :) Lisa

Jen said...

Such sweet memories I love the Christmas ornament, and the sentiment that they bring. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Steven Anthony said...

hey, dont take your toys and stay gone to long...PLEASE:)

I dont ev en know how that post got posted, it is a work in progress not supposed to post till in the morning....oopppps

Lisa E said...

Julie. Thank you for taking the time to stop and comment. Appreciated!
Steven. I can't take away the truth that if I had not been married to...........that one, I would not have the amazing young woman as a daughter that I do. Thank you for your comment. I did try.
MyAimless, you are so sweet, thank you for your coment.
Lisa. Memories are so important. They leave portraits in our minds forever. Thank you.
Jen. Now it is time for you to make all new memories. How exciting. Your home is lovely btw.
Steven. I couldn't stay away too long. Its fun playing with you.

Brian Miller said...

so cool...the little foil piece is precious...

adrienzgirl said...

Awww....the shoes! *heart melting*
Merry Christmas darlin'!