Saturday, October 10, 2009

Working towards making it all good

I am enthusiastic about my work environment these days.

We have new leadership that has grabbed the reins, hard and fast, and is working at a quick pace to make changes that are long overdue.

It is overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

It is hard for old habits to die, or even back down gracefully. That is evident with the inner workings of our office.

Regardless of how these workings die or fight,

they will be history soon.

Out with the old, in with the new.



Ekanthapadhikan said...

Good Luck. It's always nice to hear that things are changing for good.

Meeko Fabulous said...

That's great! Sometimes new leadership can breathe much needed life into an office. :)

Den urolige moren said...

Hello from Norway:-)

I'd like to wish you good luck, too. I agree that it is hard to change an old habit, but if we never try, we never succeed either:-)

Best wishes from The worried Mom:-)

ADayInTheLife said...

Thank you to all of you.
Today was tough, I let things get to me and I am mad at me.
Perhaps my expectations are too high and I allowed myself to get sucked in.
Rose colored glasses are not always good, but I refuse to think my glass is half empty.
These times they are a changing.