Monday, October 26, 2009

Paypal~Just another reason to drink

Well, I just spent the last 25 minutes chatting with Paypal. So nice of them as they thought I had nothing better to do.

I am an Ebay seller and/or buyer,
depending on my mood,
and I deal with the
almighty Ebay/Paypal monster.

No, I am not nuts,
addicted yes,
nuts, not quite.

Being the ebay'r that I am, I take pride in zooming out auction wins to the winning bidder.

Well, tonight, Paypal (which is actually EBAY) screwed up my speedy delivery plan with their handy-dandy online postage system.

We did not make the mistake on our international postage label, they did.

The mistake was not just a few bucks.

They admited the mistake.

They assured us that they were going to replenish the incorrectly debited monies for us.

No problem,, it will be resolved.

They would have the funds they took out in error back in our account in............................

I am so amazed that PAYPAL loves me, as they do, and they continually try to make my experience easier and better by trying to fix things that "ain't" broke.



Meeko Fabulous said...

Rat bastards!

Lisa E said...


rxBambi said...

paypal makes me nuts. I think I finally have it down tho thanks to all my etsy shopping. They are the devil tho, I fully agree

Lisa E said...

I am thinking of trying ETSY. I just heard it takes longer to become established but more sensible guidelines.