Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our First Barn Party!!

Hubby and I were so lucky to get invited to an event that we will not forget.

My long-time neighbor, and newly met friend, Dee , invited us to her son and daughter-in-law's magnificent farm out in the country, not too far from where we live. They were having their 4th annual barn party.

This party was sprawled over a few of the many rolling acres of the property. The fenced in field couldn't contain all the cars that were full of family and friends attending.
There were bonfires, fireworks, The Family Tradition Band, pumpkin painting, spotlighted vocalists, horseshoes, many beers on tap, a full bar, food to die for (all homemade) and most wonderful, a multitude of warm people. There had to be over 200 guests attending this event, and they were so personable and warm.

Dee's family is certainly a musical one. I had known they had a band, but holy crap, they were toe tapping amazing. The band is made up of Dee's hubby, and their sons and family. As they play they genuinely have so much fun. It was great just watching the interaction on stage. Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums and "fiddles" (they looked like violins to me) were and all blending beautifully together.

Dee's little granddaughter's sang Taylor Swifts Love Song. Obviously this family's talent is growing!

Dee's Mom-in-Law got up and played her "fiddle" for the crowd. Amazing. I think Grandma was in her eighties, if I heard correctly.

There lots of hugging, dancing, drinking, eating, singing, and love going on. It felt good to be in their presence.

Thank you to Dee and Her Family for allowing us into your world!


Steven Anthony said...

What an awesome time...I want to go to a barn party now.....great pics too;)

ADayInTheLife said...
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ADayInTheLife said...

It was really a good time!