Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1 out of 1000 pieces happens to be Kates Tata's

Do you remember Charlie's Angels. It was such a popular TV show a few decades ago. Farrah, Kate and Jacqueline all were beautiful actresses who played crime fighting chicks.

Kate was the sensible one. She was also the natural beauty. She did not need to be prepped to be lovely, she just was.

Kate was my brother's favorite angel.

During our Outer Banks vacation, one of the activities was working on this humongous TV Trivia puzzle. Most everyone worked the puzzle during the week's stay, except for my brother.

Being the odd one that he is, he found it amusing to hide ONE puzzle piece out of the 1000 pieces so he could be the STAR who completed the task.

As the puzzle was being completed, one piece was missing.
The missing piece was of Kate's tatas.
What are the odds of this happening?

Just asking.


Steven Anthony said...

I loved charlies angels....my favorite was jacklyn smith..oh so pretty....still get wobbly kneed thinking of her.. ;)

love this post..kates tatas..lol

Ekanthapadhikan said...

All I can say is that "odds happen in life and they are not to be questioned 'coz they are odds!"

And I too loved Kate. She's one of my all time fav. TV personality.

Alex M said...

Definitely -- Kate was the best. And I think as we all get older, more of us are going to say we favored her -- even those who had it for Farrah. After all, back then blond and glamorous was popular. Now we know better -- brains and common sense rule!

And of all of the angels -- of course Kate didn't depend on her tatas!