Thursday, August 27, 2009

Im feeling a need to puddle jump

A while back I blogged about my puddle jumping love.

I have many times aimlessly walked in the rain, whether a soft shower, or a wickedly heavy downpour, and mindlessly stomped in puddles. It is a quirky thing that puts a pure smile in my heart.

I admittedly have "Peter Pan" syndrome (I'll never grow up) I purposely try to live my life finding awe, joy and wonder in the smallest of things, as a child. (example: Puddle jumping)

I have been struggling with hitting 50.

I am also having trouble with my knees. I was in the emergency room recently for my knee pain and sent to an ortho man who says that I most probably have a torn meniscus. He shot me up with cortisone last month, and although the major incapacitating pain has eased, I am compensating with my other knee, and now they both suck. He of course said we can investigate further, but for now, try the cortisone.

This is all depressing the hell out of me.

I am on the verge of going on my first vacation (I blogged about this also recently) in over 22 years, and I am thoroughly sad that I am in this pain. The beach is one place that I can be a child. I still feel small when I stand beside the ocean (I am sure that will be another blog posting at some time).

I am worried that just walking in the sand will mess me up more. I am whining, and I do not advocate whining, but I am having a really hard time with this all.

The orthopaedic surgeon told me to take crutches, just in case I screw myself up. He told me to not to bother going to ER down there if I do because all they will do is tell me to RICE and give me anti-inflammatory drugs. He said don't get all worked up because he can then go "in" and fix me up.

Well I am worked up.


I need a puddle.


Steven Anthony said...

I love puddles and walking in the rain.

Ok, I havent followed your blog for long. but while I have your zest for life has always come through your writting. I bet the type of person you seem to be, you will be able to find joy on your trip, even if you sit a little more in the sand than usuall, keep that will truly get you over this hill:)

Happy travels,

ADayInTheLife said...

Thank you, as I am sitting here like a baby with puppy dog tears rolling down my face.

The Good Cook said...

Want some advice?

Have the surgery. The Best Husband In The World suffered for a year with a torn miniscus - running, jogging, etc.. until he finally had the surgery. Amazing.. a few weeks after was training for a marathon. IN THE MEANTIME - he had overcompensated putting his other knee and hips at risk.

It's out patient and not a long recovery.

But first, go on that vacation! Jump in a puddle or two - at least one for me!

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Just enjoy your time and please be not hesitant about the surgery. You'd feel better after that and do more puddle jumping once you get things fixed.