Monday, August 24, 2009

Food Fun

My best friend, who happens to be my husband is resourceful and creative.
He is frugal and hates to waste anything.
He is wonderful
can cook.
he taught me that
second time around food
can be better than the original meal.
For example, take a $5 chicken from Sam's. That equals chicken dinner. chicken fajitas, chicken salad, then finally
tortilla soup.

Buy a ham. Have a ham dinner with trimmings, make ham salad, enjoy a cobb salad, make bean soup, have ham and eggs for four Saturdays in a row, and have a few ham sandwiches in between.
Everything this man makes is yummy (except for his chicken pot pie, although he begs to differ with me) and practically never makes anything twice. He does not use a cook book, although he loves watching Saturday morning cooking shows on PBS.
We only buy what is on sale and use coupons. We often come out of a grocery store with 60% in savings.
Grocery shopping is like a game for us.
We eat very well on very little.
What do you do to make your bucks go further in a grocery store?
Do you have a tale of your never ending Sam's $5 chicken?


Steven Anthony said...

A man after my own heart, I to cook..although it sounds like a need a leson or two from your hubby on the shopping bill :)

ADayInTheLife said...

He loves being in the kitchen. I think his dream would be to open a diner that served only whatever he chose to make on any given day.