Monday, August 17, 2009

Number 3

Buying a new vehicle can be fun, but it can also be one big freaking headache. We don't need a new vehicle but dear hubby wanted one. That stance makes us on the better end of the "buying a car from a dealership dance". Being in this position though, does not make it less tumultuous.

This dance all began three weeks ago.

I told my dear hubby that I had all intentions of us going to the Outer Banks in my convertible. I love the freedom the car offers, and I want to enjoy the ride there experiencing all the sights, smells, and little tidbits you miss in a car with a roof.

Dear hubby felt adamantly different about my vehicle of choice for the trip from western Pennsylvania to the Outer Banks

Hmpff, I say to him.

I told him we are taking the PT and that is the end of it unless he gets a new 4 x 4 suv for us to travel in.

Suddenly the suv section of the newspaper is the most valued read of the day, our IP address is burning up local car websites and our landline is ringing every hour with a new car salesman and pitch.

For the past three weeks we have searched, compared, debated, drove and semi-neurotically allowed sales managers at dealerships to piss us off.

We have made our mind up, definitively, three, four or fifteen times during this SUV buying adventure.

We were purchasing a Jeep Liberty Limited with a sky slider roof in obnoxious orange. (Oh that was a ONE bad boy vehicle). That deal breaker was a sales manager verbally promising us something, but refusing to write it in the contract. See ya.

Next, we were purchasing an Xterra. That "son of a b" wouldn't fit in our garage. Deal breaker for sure. (another bad boy vehicle)

Next in line, a Honda CRV. Ok, I was the deal breaker here~they just don't move me, although the ratings are impressive.

Next, hubby went without me and my opinions, and made up his mind he was purchasing an obnoxious orange Nitro. This really isn't a very good vehicle. I changed his mind when he came home.

It was about then that we both decided to just nix the new SUV thing. We don't need one, and this fiasco is consuming our time.

He then remembered that if he did not get a new SUV, we were driving down in my convertible.

He went out the next day and bought a dark cherry hyundai sante fe. This is not a 4wd but an AWD, so purchasing this beauty may be his dealbreaker, and I get to take the convertible.

I won't be that mean, but he needs to rent a 4wd vehicle down there so we can drive on the beach and find our perfect fishing spot, and you better believe that 4wd is going to be a convertible jeep!

Just a side note:
This is our 3rd Hyundai Sante Fe, and the 2nd one that is red.
Awesome vehicle, tremendous value in it's class.

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